Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Midstream Throttling Back a Little

The US is in the initial phase of a roughly three-year “pause” in midstream pipeline additions, linked to the price decrease for both crude oil and natural gas liquids, and the subsequent drop in NGL production/availability, a pair of midstream experts said Friday, March 6. Speaking during the Internet webinar “US Midstream at a Crossroad,” Dan Lippe, President and Founder, Lippe Consulting, and Lesa Adair, CEO, Muse Stancil, agreed the breakneck construction of midstream lines witnessed during the 2011-2014 period will slow looking forward. “We are at the beginning of a pause for midstream pipeline additions due to lower crude oil and natural gas liquids production, and the subsequent availability of NGLs,” Lippe said. “I would agree there will be a pause in construction of big artery infrastructure pipeline systems, but there still will be build-out of gathering systems,” according to Adair. The webinar was sponsored by Leidos Engineering and presented by Oil & Gas J

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