Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Dogs Detect Pipeline Leaks

The United States has roughly 1.4 M miles of oil and gas pipelines, with more than 60 percent of these pipelines were built before 1970. And while pipelines remain the safest way to transport crude and other refined petroleum fuels - oil, natural gas, biofuels - across long distances significant pipeline accidents have increased by nearly 60 percent, totaling more than 1,300 spill incidents across the United States since 2010. The combination of increasing pipeline age and increasing spill accidents has resulted in additional regulatory and compliance scrutiny. When such an accident does occur it is important to act expediently to mitigate the regulatory, financial, and environmental impacts. When periodic integrity assessments indicate a flaw within the pipeline, canines can be deployed to quickly pinpoint the exact leak location, reducing the overall costs of repair and downtime of the system.

The K9 Advantage

CDIS-K9-Demonstrates-1.jpgCDIS K9 Pipeline Leak Inspection assists clients in the Oil and Gas industry to efficiently and accurately detect and pinpoint leaks. CDIS canines are specifically trained to detect the industry standard specialized odorant quickly and accurately. The use of specially trained canines is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way to accurately locate a pipeline leak. With 20 years' experience in canine handling for commercial and industrial service contracts and 10 years’ experience in specialized canine scent detection services, CDIS has the expertise to address your pipeline detection and inspection needs. CDIS maintains multiple canine teams on standby and monitors a 24-hour hotline to enable rapid mobilization swiftly and respond in a timely manner. To learn more about our canine inspection services, please contact us at: (844) 597-4737 or info@canineinspection.com


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