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The Undocumented Andrew Cuomo Surreptitiously Heats with Oil, Cooks with Gas

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The supposedly undocumented Andrew Cuomo is attempting to appease every special interest imaginable but this we know; he heats with oil and cooks with gas.

It’s easy to tell when Andrew Cuomo is lying; his voice goes into nauseating New York crime boss tone and he starts snarling. He did so the other day when he decided he needed to outflank Cynthia Nixon in welcoming illegal aliens, calling himself “undocumented.” It was a moment of ridiculousness, but the undocumented Andrew Cuomo acts that way a lot when he’s turning on what he supposes is political charm but is especially obnoxious to those of us on this side of the Hudson. Yet, he wasn’t all wrong either. He really is undocumented with respect to his oil and gas use.


The home of the undocumented Andrew Cuomo in Westchester County, New York

The undocumented Andrew Cuomo is Governor of New York and was born in 1957 in New York City. One can presume there’s a birth certificate, so it’s quite clear he’s no illegal alien. He does come off as alien, though, when he launches into those lying political tirades on whatever is the politically correct issue of the day. That grating voice is one he can turn on and off at will. I learned this in 2014 when a client invited me to attend one of his fund-raisers in the City. It wasn’t to be heard at that event, but he found it again when he wanted everyone to know he might be the undocumented Andrew Cuomo. That’s how Machiavellian demagoguery works when you’re not very good at it, I guess.

There is one sense in which Andrew Cuomo is thoroughly undocumented and that’s with respect to his oil and gas use. He lives in the Town of New Castle, Westchester County, with his wealthy girlfriend of many years, Sandra Lee. She is a well-known cooking celebrity. The house, which she bought in 2008, is in her name alone, making him the undocumented Andrew Cuomo in the sense he pay no property taxes, although he claims to share in the home expenses.

There’s another undocumented Andrew Cuomo, too. It’s the one who said he knew nothing about the fact Sandra Lee was making several taxable improvements to her/their property without getting building permits. The story was told in several New York outlets at the time, including this one in the Democrat & Chronicle and became campaign fodder (emphasis added):

“We want to be crystal clear on what we are saying about Governor Cuomo today,” Astorino campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud said in a statement. “We are directly suggesting that Andrew Cuomo hid renovations to his home in order to evade the higher property taxes he would have to pay if those renovations had been properly permitted, as is required of other citizens.”

Astorino’s camp also criticized Cuomo for not allowing the assessor into the home for a review of the interior. The law does not require a homeowner to allow an assessor into the home.

Cuomo said he was unaware that the assessor wasn’t allowed into the home.

I don’t know that the assessor wasn’t allowed in,” Cuomo said. “I think that’s how it works, isn’t it?”

He later added that,”In terms of local rules, I’m not all that familiar with it.

As for Astorino’s criticism, Cuomo said “I have no response.”

Cuomo was asked what’s in the home’s basement because it is believed to have been remodeled, but apparently is not on the assessment records.

Last time I was there, nothing,” Cuomo responded.

One could say these statements are more than adequate bona fides for claiming to be the undocumented Andrew Cuomo, wouldn’t you?

But, there’s still more to the undocumented thing. Sandra Lee’s kitchen appears to have a gas range. Most great cooks prefer to cook with gas (probably propane in this instance) so it’s hardly a surprise, but take a look and decide for yourself:


It looks like a gas range to me and a quick search of tax records available from a service to which I subscribe indicates the heat is generated by a hot water steam system, which, of course, mean gas or oil and another service says it’s oil. Yes, the undocumented Andrew Cuomo stays warm in the winter courtesy of oil and his girlfriend cooks with gas it appears. The Governor, in other words, gets to deny pipelines, stop-fracking and proclaim he’s anti0-fossil fuels as his living quarters are embellished with them. And, there are no solar panels on the roof either, not in that neighborhood. Now, that’s undocumented. Just do its all in your girlfriend’s name. That’s all it takes.

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