Friday, April 20, 2018

Why New York City Needs More Natural Gas

The New York Building Congress stressed that New York City needs more natural gas pipelines before the planned closure of the Indian Point nuclear plant.

Natural-Gas.jpg New York City’s need for energy will expand as Indian Point’s scheduled 2021 deactivation approaches. It points out that 81.5% of the city’s electricity comes from natural gas burned in the five boroughs—and that more will be needed to keep New York’s lights on once the Indian Point nuclear plant is taken offline. The city’s move to transition public and private buildings away from burning heavy oil for heat has accelerated this need. Last winter’s tumultuous weather conditions also provided an important reminder of the growing demand for affordable, reliable energy – and the urgent need for efficient energy infrastructure. Williams’ Northeast Supply Enhancement project is a direct response to this urgent need, providing enough natural gas to serve 2.3 million American homes in time for the 2019/2020 winter season. Northeast Supply Enhancement will also support more than 3,000 jobs and generate approximately $327 million in additional economic activity (GDP) in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Click Here to ADD YOUR NAME NOW and COMMENT to the FERC requesting the prompt approval of this critical project. Thank you for supporting this key piece of natural gas infrastructure and helping to keep the lights on in New York City. Joseph F. Barone 610.764.1232

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