Monday, May 28, 2018

Stored working gas volume keeps rising

The volume of working natural gas added to storage in the Lower 48 U.S. states during the week ended May 18, jumped 5.9% from one week earlier, with all five regions the Lower 48 are divided into, reporting an add, the Energy Information Administration reports.

The latest EIA data show stored working gas rose by 91 billion cubic feet (Bcf), with total working gas in storage rising to 1.63 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), from 1.54 Tcf one week earlier. (All numbers are rounded.)

The latest total is down a whopping 804 Bcf, or 33.0%, from the year-ago total of 2.43 Tcf, and was down 499 Bcf, or 23.4%, from the five-year average of 2.13 Tcf, Kallanish Energy calculates.

The largest week-to-week add to working gas in storage was in the South Central region, up 28 Bcf, or 4.0%, to 722 Bcf, from 694 Bcf from the week ended May 11.

The latest South Central results are down 351 Bcf, or 32.7%, from the year-ago total of 1.07 Tcf, and was down 163 Bcf, or 18.4%, from the five-year average of 885 Bcf, EIA found.

The East region added 24 Bcf, or 8.7%, to 299 Bcf, from 275 Bcf one week earlier. The latest East region total was down 88 Bcf, or 22.7%, from the year-ago total of 387 Bcf, and was down 101 Bcf, or 25.3%, from the five-year average of 400 Bcf.

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